Trial by Fire

Written by: Geoffrey Fletcher

Source Material: David Grann

Producers: Allyn Stewart, Ed Zwick

Executive Producers: Kipp Nelson, Marshall Herskovitz

In 1993, Stacey and Todd Willingham lost their three young daughters in a tragic house fire. Investigators hastily concluded that the fire was arson, and after a swift trial Todd Willingham was sentenced to death. However, when new forensic science exonerated Willingham beyond any reasonable doubt, a team of advocates raced to save him from lethal injection. Based on David Grann’s Polk-award winning New Yorker article, TRIAL BY FIRE asks the daunting question: did Texas execute an innocent man?

Academy Award-winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher (PRECIOUS) has adapted Grann’s article into our screenplay and we are currently packaging the project with Ed Zwick. In addition to winning an Oscar in 2010, Fletcher has been heralded by Variety as one of its “10 Screenwriters to Watch.” Ed Zwick is an Academy Award-winning producer for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and has directed many critically acclaimed films including LEGENDS OF THE FALL, THE LAST SAMURAI, and BLOOD DIAMOND.